Friday, April 15, 2011


Vitalicious sent me a Super Sampler box to review! They have delicious 100 calorie gourmet snacks! They have Vitatops, Vitamuffins, Vitabrownies, Vitamix, Vitacake, Vitacoffee, and more! My personal favorite is the Deep Chocolate VitaTops! You no longer need to settle for smaller portions. Our 2 oz. Deep Chocolate VitaTops are more filling, nutritious & deliciously satisfying. Get the most out of every calorie. This pack contains 12 - All Natural 2 oz. Deep Chocolate Kosher VitaTops with real cocoa, chocolate chips, whole wheat & organic sugar. Each muffin top contains 100 calories, 1.5g fat, 9g fiber & 4g protein. contains no artificial additives or preservatives! Vitatops come in so many delicious flavors! Including, double chocolate chunk, chocolate mint, pumpkin spice, apple crumb, fudgy peanut butter chip, bananna nut, sugar-fee velvery chocolate, and Raisen Bran! Vitatops are definitly big ebnough to share, and the chocolate chunk, is SO rich and chocolatey, It's like my mouth died and went to heaven!! They are the perfect size for the toaster, and they taste great warm! All it takes to walk off the 80-100 Calorie 2oz Vitamuffin or Vitatop is 13-15 minutes. Honestly, I love Vitalicious! They are healthy, and SO tasty! I highly suggest everybody go out and get some Vitalicious products today!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

LR Creations Hair Bows Revuew & Giveaway Ends May 14ENDED

LR Creation Hair Bows sent me a few hair bows to review! Two of the bows (one set of two) is similar to the ones pictured above! These bows have clips instead of the things most barettes have, which is good, it's easier, and my daughter can put them on all by herself! Lr Creations Hair Bows has a very large variety of cheap bows, and not only bows, they have bow holders, tutus, streamers, flowers, and more! Thier tutu's are very cheap actually, only $20!! I love the little flower bows, and the fabric ones, with cute little buttons on the fronts of them, they're cute! The Pink & Purple Korker, which you can find on the website, is one of my personal faves! They have some new
boutique bows coming out very soon, so make sure you keep checking back!!

LRCreations Hair Bows has aggreed to give one lucky reader two bows of thier choice!

TO ENTER: tell me your favorite bow from the website!


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ScareMeNot Review & Giveaway~Ends May 10 2011ENDED

SCAREMENOTS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ScareMeNot sent me a "Courageous Carrie" to review! When Courageous Carrie was little, she realized that she could smell like any flower she wanted! Whereever she hiccupped, flowers blossomed on her head and filled the room with intoxicating smells! Whether they are sweet or stinky, Carrie can knock monsters off thier feet...or head over heels, with just one whiff! ScareMeNot has 9 different awesome monsters! My daughter wants all 9! She's in love with monsters, mysteries, clues, and haunted houses! Anything scary, she loves! ScareMeNots are trained at the renowned ScareMeNot Academy! Courageous Carrie is a graduate! All you have to do is tell your ScareMeNot what you're afraid of, and they will keep you protected from it! There is also a special going on right now, when you buy a certain ScareMeNot monster, you get the Travel Size one FREE! But, I'm not sure which monster it is, I think it was Valliant Valerie, but I emailed to check! I will change this and let you all know when she emails back! I can honestly say ScareMeNots are AWESOME! I LOVE them!! My daughter has not put her Carrie down ever since she got her! I think I've found her *first love*!! Carrie is so cute and really soft!! I love how her tail has velcrow on it to attatch to things, like doorknobs or wherever you can hang things from!

ScareMeNots has offered to let one of my lucky readers chose a ScareMeNot monster!
TO ENTER: tell me the monster you would pick if you won! Be careful, cuz if you win, what you write down is the one you get!


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Monday, April 11, 2011

I See Me Review & Giveaway Ends May 7 2011ENDED

I See Me Children's gifts sent me the "God Loves ......" book for me to review! The God Loves You! personalized book tells children just how much God loves them... and that they are God's special creations! It comes personalized with a child's name on the cover and throughout the text. God Loves You! features beautiful poetry by award-winning children's author Jennifer Dewing and colorful, whimsical illustrations by award-winning artist Maria Carluccio. It is an 8.5" x 8.5" hardcover book with 20 interior pages. The book is perfect for the birth of a baby, baptism, naming ceremony, first communion, Easter, Passover or everyday occasion. It makes a perfect gift for children of the Christian, Jewish or Muslim faith. My daughter loves her book! She loves the fact that her name is on the cover of the book! That makes her feel special! I See Me has a large variety of children's books you can personalize! They also have other things you can personalize on thier site, including Books, Puzzles, Gifts, and more! The personalized books are $24.95 each on thier website!

I See Me has offered to give one personalized book to one lucky reader!

TO ENTER: tell me the book you would pick if you won, from thier website! *Be careful what you choose, because that will be what you get if you win!*


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