Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aurora Crinkle Friends Review and Giveaway

 Aurora allowed me to pick out one of thier adorable new crinkle friends to review!  I could choose between the Hedgehog, Toucan, Alligator or the Crab! It was a hard choice, but we eventually went wth the alligater!
When I first opened the box containing this alligater, my daughter was in school, but my dog (Snickers) was right there, and he thought he got a new toy! He stuck his whole body in the box, pulled out the alligater, and took off with it! Luckily I caught him right away and put it up for my daughter!  I'm glad I did too, because when she came in the door from school, she dropped her backpack and ran to the alligater! She picked it up, hugged it, kissed it, and too kit outside with her to play with her friends!
I personally love how incredibly soft the alligater is! That's my favorite thing about thing about Aurora, besides thier adorable animals, thier softness! The alligater has a squeaker in it's head (nose area). On the pink section, and the yellow section, (1st and 3rd), it's crinkly too! I love it! It has numbers on it, shapes, strings, ribbons, and lots of bright colors!

Now for the giveaway I promised! Make sure you leave a comment telling me which crinkle friend you would pick if you won!

Hedgehog, Toucan, Alligator or Crab a Rafflecopter giveaway