Saturday, July 30, 2011

Little Green Books Review & Giveaway~Ends September 13CLOSED

I was sent 3 books from Little Green Books to review!
1. My first Garden
2. Santa Claus is Green
3. The Adventures of the Plastic Bottle
As soon as we got the books, my daughter opened them immediately, and she loves them!
My Little Garden, is of course about Planting your own garden! A mother and daughterm , dig up soil, plant a flower bed, and water the seeds to make their very first garden. Together they watch the colorful vegetables grow, grow, grow! This book teaches a first concept of colors as well. The book has a handle die-cut through on every page so kids can take the book with them wherever they go!

Santa Claus Is Green is the second book I reviewed! It is my daughter's favorite, because it comes with stickers! Santa Claus is dreaming of a green Christmas! In the spirit of Christmas giving, Santa shows boys and girls that they can give to others while giving back to the Earth -- and have fun while they're doing it! Simple things like riding bicycles to store rather than taking a car, turning the tree lights off during the day and before bed, taking the tree to the community mulching center, using discarded newspapers for gift wrap and making decorations and presents for one another rather than buying new ones are all ways that kids can help Santa celebrate a green Christmas!

I reviewed "The Adventures Of The Plastic Bottle" last! Told from the point of view of a free-spirited plastic bottle, kids can share in the daily experiences and inner thoughts of the bottle through his personal journal. The diary entries will be fun and humorous yet point out the ecological significance behind each product and the resources used to make it. Readers will never look at a plastic bottle the same way again!

Little Green Books has offered to give one of my readers thier very own set of the 3 books I reviewed!
Tell me another book title on the website you like!


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Friday, July 29, 2011

Vyssanlull Review & Giveaway (USA ONLY) Ends September 10CLOSED

http://www.vyssanlull.com/ sent me a Girls Tunic Stars! It is a very Gorgeous tunic top in plush organic stretch cotton, it's amazingly soft and comfortable.
Ash Purple with a stars in mint, charcoal and purple. It has Purple trims and a three button neckline.
It has a Two tier aline shape with a beautiful fall and swingy movement. Long lasting "grow with me"
design to wear for any occasion, comfy enough for day care and pretty enough for a party...
So keep your angel cute and comfy and enjoy this darling outfit for a long time!
It is Machine Washable,100% GOTS certified organic cottonand is Designed in Denmark, Ethically made in Turkey! I love the little stars, and the fact that It's purple, is awesome! I can tell it is very well made, it should last for a long time! My daughter loves it too, she loves purple and the stars!

Vussanlull has offered to give away a $30 gift card for A Green Cotton Item Only!
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sent me an awesome Pressure Cooker to review! It is very Fast, it reduces cooking time up to 70%. Cook risotto in 7 minutes, meatballs in 4 minutes, chicken soup in 15 minutes and even cheesecake in 30 minutes. Favorite recipes easily adapt and cook in one third of the time.
It is super easy! Just load ingredients, lock lid in place and begin cooking. Release pressure and enjoy healthy, flavorful meals. It is that easy!
This is a very healthy way of cooking! Create delicious meals while retaining important water-soluble vitamins and minerals. Cooks without oil. Maintain the natural color and flavor of foods.
This Duo Pressure Cooker is 18/10 Stainless Steel,
Spring type mechanism with two pressure settings: Low (8psi) and High (15psi),Sleek black ergonomically designed handles,Automatic pressure release position & Visual pressure Indicator,Extremely Easy to Operate,Stainless steel steamer basket with trivet,Works on all domestic cooking surfaces: gas, electric, ceramic & induction,Available in 4qt, 6qt, 8qt, 10qt, 10qt unit can be used for pressure cooking & pressure canning. It is recommended to be used with the Fagor Home Canning Kit , It comes with a Ten-year warranty, an Instruction manual, and a Recipe book! I love this pressure cooker! It saves time, saves money, and saves energy! Nobody can honestly tell me they wouldn't like one of
these pressure cookers

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alphabeasts Review & Giveaway~Ends September 6closed

I was sent 2 Alphabeasts to review! I receiced a "F", and a "Z"! Introducing Alphabeasts...plush, loveable, learning companions created to teach children thier ABC's and how to spell while having fun at the same time! The 2 Alphabeasts my daughter got are very inspirational to her, with the "F" one, she tells me everything she sees that starts with the letter "F", and with the "Z" one, she tells me everything she sees that starts with the letter "Z"! It has been proven that it's easier/funner, and faster for children to learn new things, while having fun with it! So The Alphabeasts are the perfect stuffed toy for learning about letters! All 26 letters of the alphabet are available on thier website, for $20.00 each. On the front of the Alphabeast, there is a capital letter printed on the tummy, and on the back of the alphabeast, is the lowercase letter! Features Include: Exclusive custom dyed color palette, a collector's tag is on each animal, they are all 15' in height, the bodyies are plush, washable, and velveteen, and extremely soft, the letters are soft contrasting fleece letters, they are made with generous polyester fill, they have a felt mouth with solid thread teeth, and they all have a solid thread eye detail! Alphabeasts are always playing, and always teaching! Alphabeasts are the perfect toy for any pre schooler!

Alplhabeasts has offered to give away one character to one person!
To Enter:
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