Friday, September 6, 2013

Waterbabies! Review and Giveaway~Ends September 24 ENDED

Yesterday I received two waterbabies for review! One Dream To Be, my daughter picked the ballerina, and one Wee Baby, my daughter picked the Wee mermaid! Rachel (my daughter) was so excited to get the waterbabies! She asked me two to three times a day when it was coming! It finally arrived yesterday, and she loves them! The wee baby already comes with water in it, and you can't replace any water, add more or take any out, but it comes with just the right amount in it already! The big Waterbaby, (The Ballerina) came with some water in it already too, but it also came with a funnel that goes in the babys back and you can add water that way. I loved my Waterbaby when I was a kid, that's why I wanted my daughter to have one! I looked at some stores but couldn't find any. There is Waterbabies in stores now! Toys R Us and Wal Mart! In the Dream To Be Collection there is a Dream to Be Soccer Player, a Dream to Be Princess, a Dream to Be Fairy, a Dream to Be Fabulous, a Dream to Be Cheerleader, and the Ballerina! In the Wee Babies there is a Wee Hopper, a wee Swimmer, a wee splash, a wee bubbles, a wee mermaid and a wee froggie!

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