Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunridge Farms Review & Giveaway~Ends December 24ended

Sun Ridge Farms sent me the following items to review: a bag of Milk Chocolate raisins, a bag of triple chocolate pecan mix, a bag of berries and chocolate antioxident mix, a bag of yogurt covered pretzels, and a bag of milk chocolate rainbow drops! First, the milk chocolate rainsins were amazing! It's a healthy treat disguised in chocolate~yumm! The triple chocolate pecan mix has chocolate chips and chocolate covered pecans, all together! Tastes Great! Berries and chocolate antioxident mix is full of delicious dried up berries, along with those 'pinwheel' chocolates that everyone loves! The yogurt covered pretzels, well that one's self explainatory, It's pretzels, drenched in yougurt! And last but DEFINITLY not the least, the milk chocolate rainbow drops, these are milk chocolate, covered with a candy shell of rainbow colors! SunLand does not only have these great snacks, they have more too! Including Peanut Butters, Candies, Nuts, Dried Fruit, and Seeds! I just picked the candy cuz I'm a total junk-foodie!

Sun Ridge Farms is giving away any three peanut butters of winner's choice!

TO ENTER: Just tell me your fav. 3 peanut butters!


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Kidtoons Kimochis® review and giveaway~~Ends November 20ended


Kidtoons sent me one 6 inch Kimochis® plush with small keychain and comic book for review!
I received the ladybug. She is adorable! I didn't pick which one I wanted, but this is the perfect one! The lady bug came in a little bag, with a hole for it's face! Inside the bag, is a Mini-Mood face keychain! The keychain is purple, and very cute! Also inside the bag, was a mini comic book, called "Pug's Buggy". The comic book is cute, and it goes right along with the mood keychain! They also have an octopus, the ladybug, a cat/tiger, and a cloud! These are a great way for kids to tell you how they feel.

Kidtoons has offered to give one lucky reader thier very own 6 inch Kimochis® plush with small keychain and comic book.

To Enter: Tell me which one you like the best on thier website!


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Jamberry Review & Giveaway~Ends December 24ended

Jamberry Nails sent me a set of thier Vibrant Pinwheel nail sets to review!
Jamberry Nails has a design for everyone! My 5year old daughter, Rachel, has been asking me all day when we're going to do her nails! I think these would be great stocking stuffers, or just fun for the occasional girls night out party. Jamberry nails are only $15 a set, which does 2-3 sets of hands or feet. Each application lasts several weeks! With my regular nail polish, it only lasts less then one day! It always gets chipped! But with Jamberry Nails, the design looks like I've been to the nail salon, they all look professional! And, I don't have to wait for them to dry!

Jamberry Nails is giving away one set of the winner's choice, to one reader!

TO ENTER: Go to Jamberry Nails, and tell me the design you will pick if you win!


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