Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CSN Stores Review

Csn Stores have an amazing selection of modern furniture! Here is an example of the perfect island for my kitchen, and I'm sure it wouldn't look bad in yours either!
what's not to like about this kitchen? Everything you want/neded, is for sale at CSN Stores! Just from presentation, you can see the items are good quality, but from experience with CSN Stores in the past, I know thier stuff is built to last!
I've been given a $30 gift code for CSN Stores, which I'll be using very soon, and I will post another review on my blog!


I got this puplight today in the mail, it's for my 2 dogs, but my daughter intercepted it, and she's "sharing it", haha. I can tell you, that after using puplight, It's amazing! the light comes with an attachable collar, plus an attachment for that incase your dog is bigger, the light clips right on to the collar, or any other collar. Not only does this very bright light, light the way, but it also makes dogs/people more visable to cars! When my dog was not on his leash, he had the puplight on his collar, so I knew where he was in the dark! (He loves thinking he's in control!)
We live in Florida, where there's wild boars, huge snakes, alligaters, possums, coyotes, bobcats, and more! With the puplight, I'm sure it will scare those animals away, if not, at least we'll be able to see them in the dark and get away! The light is so bright, it allows you to see up to 1 mile ahead! It's water-resistant too! My shitzu is too small for the pup light, because the light is too bulky for him...and he's a sissy, but, I can attatch the puplight to the leash instead, or, my other dog!
Overall, I think the puplight is great! It's something everyone should have, especially at night! Even if you don't have a dog, puplight's great for people too! It's easy to change the batteries, it only takes 3 AAA, and the light is very bright! I love it! I think everybody should have at least one! You can get yours at http://www.puplight.com/