Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snapware Review & Giveaway~Ends January 11CLOSED

Snap 'N Stack
2 Layer Eggtainer
I received this Egg-Tainer yesterday, and I love it! It snaps at both sides, to open and close the 2nd layer! The snaps are not something that's gonna break or come apart very easily! The egg holders come out, and this is great for deviled (my fav!), or whole eggs!
I am 100% behund this product, I think it's great!I love how this snaps together, you can carry it just like a puese or handbag, It doesn't really get in the way at all! Try carrying 24 deviled eggs without the egg-tainer...It's actually kinda like a game...not very easy! I just got this yesterday, but I've already used it once! And there was not one person who did not say they LOVED it and they want one!!
*To Assemble: Remove lid and stack as many trays together as desired. Only 1 lid is needed on top of each stack of trays. Snap latches closed on both sides of each tray
*To Separate Trays/To Remove Lid: Press down on latches on either side of each tray. Lid will lift off easily by pulling on handle
Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
*Made of FDA Approved/Food-Safe Material

The Snapware Family was so nice, I told them about when I won a cupcake carrier from them from another mom's site, and never got it, so, they sent me one of them too! They didn't even try to check up on it, It's not a lie, I did win it, but most companies would've checked up on it and gave me a hard time about it, but the snapware family had NO problem! I truly love this company, they are very friendly and nice! I loved working with them! I hope we can work together again soon!

The Snapware Family is giving away one Egg-Tainer AND a Cupcake-Carrier!

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Monday, December 27, 2010

KidsCDS Review & Giveaway~Ends January 8 CLOSED

Preschool Favorite Songs - First Nursery Rhymes And Sing Along Fun For Tiny Tots 2 Cd Set CD by Baby Genius

When we received these CDS, my daughter was very excited! Because "the little dinosaur and pink elephant are sooooo cute!!!" She had no idea (until we played these CDS that they're filled with tons of sing a long songs and nursery rhymes, which she LOVES! Little kids love learning, but what better way to teach them, then by disguising it into something they love!? Your kids will love the songs and have so much fun singing along, they won't even realize they're learning! I was amazed when I went to thier website kidscds.org that this set of 2 CDS is only $5.75! That's definitly a bargain! When you wanna give a child a gift and aren't sure what to give, why not go with a sure thing that's guaranteed they'll LOVE? This CD includes 30 fun songs, and over an hour of sing a long fun! KidsCds.org has a wide variety of other kids music CDS too, make sure you check them out, they're all very low priced, and they all guarantee a smile!

KidsCds.org is giving away one set of these awesome nursery rhymes CDs to one lucky reader!

Baby's Favorite Songs 2 Cd Set CD by Baby Genius

Preschool Favorite Songs - First Nursery Rhymes And Sing Along Fun For Tiny Tots 2 Cd Set CD by Baby Genius

Favorite Mother Nature Songs - Discover The Magical Sounds 2 Cd Set CD by Baby Genius

or this CD, perfect for slightly older kids:
Jollity Farm - Laugh, Sing And Dance Songs (lyrics Included) CD

TO ENTER: Go to thier website, come back here, and tell me your fav. nursery rhyme on the CD!


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