Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nicole Lee Affiliate Program!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wisharoo Park Review & Giveaway~Ends July 9ENDED

Steven Style from Wisharoo Park sent me the 2 pack DVD set and 6 Wish Stars finger puppets for us to review! Steven thinks Wisharoo Park will be the next big thing for 3 to 6 year olds, and we aggree! You can check out some episodes on thier interactive website! They also have Games, Storytime, Activities, and more! My daughter's favorite is the puzzles on t he website! She loves all the cute charaters! The favorite character here is "Cali"! The floppy eared white bunny with spots on her ears! She lives in the Artist's Tree located right at the center of the park. Her tree is called "the Artist's Tree" because, well, she is an artist. Cali loves to paint. In fact, before she moved to Wisharoo Park, Cali had a job as an Easter Egg painter! Wisharoo Park provides children with an entertainment-based learning environment to discover their natural talents and develop fundamental social skills, self-confidence, and an enthusiasm for learning using imaginative play and the power of the “wish”. Wisharoo Park draws on research by child psychologists and educators to develop a creative means of using imaginative play and bringing it to the learning process. The show, which aired on PBS stations, has inspired a series of children’s books, activities, toys, and now, the online entertainment destination. My daughter loves playing with the little Wish Star finger puppets too! They're cute!

Steven Style has offered one lucky reader a 2 disc DVD set and Wish Stars of thier very own!

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Rock N Learn Review & Giveaway~Ends July 5CLOSED

Rock N Learn
sent me a complimentary DVD of "Getting ready for Kindergarden" to review! My daughter was really excited to get a package just for her! This DVD is about 45 minutes! Jill and Joey are so excited about starting kindergarten! They teach and learn essential skills through fun songs, animated characters, and real children. Skills include colors, counting, tying shoes, following directions, holding a pencil, printing letters and numbers, listening, number recognition and printing numbers through ten, getting dressed, left/right directions, and more! This DVD is $19.99, and you can purchase it on thier website! You can also see a preview by clicking HERE!

Getting Ready for Kindergarten includes:

•Getting Dressed
•Tying My Shoes
•Making My Bed
•Cleaning My Room
•Breakfast Time
•Using the Rest Room
•Drawing Myself
•Story Time
•The Letter Song
•Writing My Name
•Cutting and Pasting
•Playing With Blocks
•Writing Numbers
•Learning Left and Right

These are the perfect skills for starting Kindergarden! My daughter can't wait until she starts now! This DVD has gotten her hyped up about Kindergarden, plus, she loves the characters and activities!!

Rock N Learn has offered to give one lucky reader a Rock N Learn DVD of thier very own!

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