Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ballreich's Chips Review & Giveaway~Ends October 17ended

Balreich sent me thier SPECIAL All Occasion Basket Original
Send a gift everyone can enjoy!!! Great for any occasion! It's only $15.00! What do you and your family like to snack on? In my home everyone likes something different. I received the perfect gift from Ballreich's for snacking in my home!

My daughter is a pretzel & popcorn fan and she likes all kinds of pretzels and popcorn! Above is the picture of the basket sent to me. It had a very nice selection of snacks and the colorful basket
was very appealing to me. I loved their presentation in the basket. And if you check the site to see
about ordering this for someone, you will be pleasantly surprised at the price of the basket! It is such a deal
I just couldn't believe it. This is a great gift for the boss, for a friends bachelor party, a friends Superbowl or
World Series partys, lots of things like that! The main thing is to remember to order on time!

I liked the Cheese Popcorn best, then the Baked Potato Chips, and the Ruffled Chips. These were all not
too salty whereas I found some of their items too salty for my taste. You probably wont notice as my family has noticed that some of the meds I am on must be changing my taste buds.

The wonderful people at Ballreich's Chips are giving 1 of my lucky readers the same basket that I received and you will be in for a treat!


Visit Ballreich's and let me know what kind of chip or snack you are most excited to try!


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Aurora's Super Soakers Review & Giveaway~Ends October 11ended

Aurora has a new line: Softy Soakers! Today when the UPS came, I was in the bathroom, when I came out, my daughter said "Mom look what the UPS guy gave me! He's so nice!" She told me she named her purple seahorse "Indigo", because she's purple, and they were watching a movie together! I said "Can you put your movie on pause for a minute? I wanna show you a special trick!" And we went in the kitchen, got a bowl full of water, and put the seahorse in! The Fanta-Sea assortment includes a sea horse, octopus, hammerhead shark, dolphin, sea turtle and alligator, and each plus sells for just $10. Like other Aurora toys I've reviewed, this one is a very soft plush toy, except this one has a kind of "cushy/squishy" feel. And like other Aurora toys, this one comes in some bright, super fun colors. And to bring a little more fun to the table, they grow in water. What kid won't love that? My second fav. is the pink octopus, but I like the dolphin too, and, oh they're all just so cute! My daughter has not put "Indigo" down since she got her! She even asked me if she can take her to school with her tomorrow! I said "Sure, but she's really shy, so she has to stay in your backpack all day!" Aurora is celebrating thier 30th Anniversary!

Aurora has aggreed to give away one Softy Soaker, to one lucky reader!
To Enter: Tell me which softy soaker you would pick if you're the lucky winner!


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