Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I see Me is a company that has awesome children's personalized books! They sent me this book for review!  My daughter loves books!  She has over 200 books on her shef. It is one obsession that I, as a Mom, am more than happy to oblige. A few months ago, we had the opportunity to review personalized children’s books from I See Me and Rachel just loved having a book about herself and her family and friends!

 My Royal Birthday Adventure, is a personalized birthday book that is available for either boys or girls. The Birthday Girl version takes your little girl on a royal princess adventure where she is crowned princess in a magical birthday kingdom. The Boy Version book also takes him on a royal adventure in the magical birthday kingdom, but he is dubbed a royal knight. Both are personalized throughout, with the child’s name on a 10-tier birthday cake, lighting the sky in fireworks, in royal quarters, and on a parchment invitation. The books are 10×10 hardcover storybooks.

I see Me has sent me a special code for anyone who wants to try this book out for them selves! Code is "royal", starts 7/1, expires 7/31.