Saturday, April 24, 2010

*Giveaway* Ending May 8~ Munchie Mug!CLOSED

I have been a big fan of snack container and I have bought several of them, until I saw munchie mug this is actually the upgraded version of whatever you have seen out there. Its much larger in size its dishwasher safe and its made in USA, I love that. Especially with products that are going to be used by my children its extremely important to me that its safe to be around them and food. So many products out there are getting recalled its actually scary. munchie mug has actually takes the time to make sure all of the material used on their product is FDA approved to be around food. This is suitable for to months and up. Very easy to use unscrew the top put in your snack and the soft mesh fabric holds your snack in place until your child puts their hands in. Its has a child safety feature on it so your child can not open it by themselves. It also comes with a plastic lid so that you can easily fill it up and put it in your diaper bag without it spilling.

I received the one in blue. My three year old girl loves this! The munchie mug has been so great for her. Not only is it fun to use but I am not stepping on spilled snacks and creating more work for myself. I have also used ours for fruits like grapes and blueberries and those are snacks you do not want on the carpet. Its much larger than other snack containers out there on the market. I like that because that only means that my child can use it for longer, because you know the quantity and the size of snacks get bigger as the kids get larger. I have not found another snack container that I can fit pretzel sticks or cheetos in comfortably and not have to refill it several times.

Munchie mug is graciously offering one of my readers their very own mug in the color of your choice, you must be a public follower to enter go to munchie mug and tell me what color you would like. This is the first and mandatory entry.

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ronald caldwell

Winner is jess

Friday, April 23, 2010

GIVEAWAY: My Lip Stuff Ending: May 8CLOSED

My Lip Stuff has many varieties in Lip Balm Including,
Regular Label -(shown in photo below)

Fun Labels!

Booze Balms - liquor inspired balms with fun drink label

Mood Lip Balms - a label for whatever mood you are in

Days of the Week Balms - a lip balm for each day of the week

Calendar Lip Balms - a month calendar right on the label

Call Me Lip Balms - a fun way to give out your phone number

F'Undies Lip Balms - cute lip balms for whatever kind of underwear you like

Loveabalms - a great way to show your love of whatever!

Fortune Cookie Lip Balm - comes with a little fortune that is hidden under the label

Horoscope Lip Balms - 2 pack of the good and bad characteristics of the zodiac signs

Initial Lip Balms - get your initial right on the label for a personalized touch

Party Theme Lip Balms - fun themed labels- great for parties and more!

Magic 8 Balms - just like the magic 8 ball. ask a question and get the answer!

Voodoo Balms - a fun way to send positive or negative energy to whoever you want

Limited Edition & Holiday Labels

Charitabalms - Special Edition Charity Labels

Personalized Labels - a small text change to our labels- for example "Brea's Lip Stuff"

Customized Labels - a label just the way you want it. Add logos, images, change text & colors. Limitless possibilities!

MyLipStuff sent me 3 samples to try!
I love mylipstuff because they are cruelty-free!

2 extra entries-vote for my uncle, at the shenenaod river, with his motorcycle, at http://wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/26330/voteable_entries/3773644?order=recency
ronald caldwell

Winner= janet

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!

**giveaway!** Ends May 1 2010! ISABELT.COM~CLOSED

Giveaway from isabelt.com !

isabelt.com sent me one of thier clear belts! I think they're great! They are stretchable, and clear, so they're not very noticeable, they can fix your jeans that are too big for you, and if you are trying to loose weight, you can wrap one around your stomach!

To Enter:
Leave your email address!
For an extra entry, vote for my uncle, at the Shenendoah River with his motorcycle, at http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/26330/voteable_entries/3773644?order=votes&ref=mf