Friday, May 13, 2011

Softlips Review & Giveaway Ends June 11ENDED

Softlips sent me some of thier new SPF 20 Softlips to review! They sent me a 2 pack of rasberry with green tea extract, strawberry, lip protectant, wildberry and cherry (2 pack), mint and vanilla (2 pack), cherry, and vanilla! Vanilla is thier most popular flavor! Softlips is a classic, slim and inexpensive lip balm that should be in every girls' purse. The SPF 20 is it's best feature and so important for keeping lips healthy. They each have a mild shine and fun flavors make these a treat. The only problem I can find with these, is the fact that I can't seem to stop snacking on them! It is not harmful if eaten, but I don't wanna eat all my lipgloss/SPF protection!

Softlips has offered to give one lucky reader thier very own sets of Softlips with SPF protection!
TO ENTER: just tell me what flavor(s) you wanna try first!


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Growums Review & Giveaway~Ends June 7ENDED

Growums sent me a Taco Garden to review. “Hola! I am Hal E. Peño, and I add great spice to your taco. Tacos are delicious! Did you know that over half the ingredients in a taco come from a garden? Grow your own, and you’ll have the best-tasting tacos ever! My friends Ice Berg the lettuce rapper, Tomas the tomato and Frank Cilantro join me in helping you grow the most delicioso taco ingredients!” It’s a fun garden for the whole family!”
Each packet of seeds comes with a little circle of dirt, all you do is add water, and they inflate! There is a plant tag for each kind of seed! This all even comdes in it's own cute little pot you can use for planting!

Growums has offered to give one of my readers thier very own garden!
To Enter: just tell me your favorite Garden Kit HERE!


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LaffyLaffALot (Laugh*Heal*Give something back!) Review & Giveaway~Ends June 4ENDED

Steve from Laffylaffalot sent me a Laffy to review! This little "sound box" is adorable! Laffy's giggles and laughs are helpful to kids and adults – but what's even better is that with every purchase, $3 goes to The National Children's Cancer Society (NCCS). NCCS works to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families worldwide. The Laffalot company donates thousands of these Laffy's to children in Hospitals! Laffy Laffalot and The National Children's Cancer Society are in partnership to raise $12 million to help improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families worldwide. You can feel good that with every purchase, $3 will go directly to The National Children's Cancer Society! Laffy Laffalot’s inventor - a 20-year veteran firefighter and paramedic - wanted to help the children he saw every day affected by trauma and illness. The interactive toy is designed to bring laughter back into their lives with the touch of a button. Laffy Laffalot brings instant happiness because laughter changes moods and puts everyone at ease. The inventor, Steve Islava, understands that children’s medical care involves much more than medical intervention. Laughter, and the power to control pain when you can’t control the illness, is empowering and therapeutic. Laffy Laffalot is not just a toy, but also a great tool for doctors and nurses to use to distract their small patients.
Studies show that laughing has numerous health and well-being benefits. Laughing...
•helps release the body’s natural painkillers - endorphins - which produce a general sense of well-being, joy and peace of mind
•relaxes the body
•boosts the immune system
•decreases pain and eases anxiety
Laffy Laffalot is a great companion, and with the ability to record custom messages, provides a 24/7 connection to loved ones.
My daughter getsw a kick out of her Laffy! Laffy has about 20 different types of giggles and laughs programmed into him/her already, like, Silly, Sleepy, Joke, Crazy...and more! There is four (4) spots to record a personal message, and you can play it back anytime! That's my daughter's favorite apart! Laffy also comes with a set of headphones! This is GREAT, because when I'm watching T.V. or trying to do something, my daughter can listen to the sounds...QUIETLY!! I love that they are trying to raise $12 million for childrens hospitals!
Steve at Laffalot
has offered to give one of my readers thier very own Laffy!
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