Saturday, March 26, 2011

PowerCapes Review & Giveaway~Ends April 23ENDED

Power Capes agreed to give me a $29.95 gift code for thier site! I was having computer problems when I tried to order the cape & mask, so thier costomer service did it for me! My daughter got a sidekick size cape, rasberry color, with sparkles (of course!), and a rasberry-glitter mask! On the cape, there is a purple heart, with my daughter's initial "R" in it! My daughter took the cape & mask to her school for her "share day", and it was a HUGE hit! Everybody LOVED it! There wasn't one kid who didn't fall in love with the superhero theme for the day! I loved the cape too, it's soft and silky! And shiney! The mask has an elastic bank tied to each side of it, so it can stretch around the head! Tori Spelling, a famous hollywood actress, have 2 kids, and she had a super hero themed birthday party for her son's birthday party! She bought capes for every kid there! Everybody should go check out these capes! Even famous people use them!!

Power Capes has offered to give one lucky reader a $29.95 gift codee to thier website too!

TO ENTER, tell me what kind of cape you would get if you win!


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Schleich-Farm Animals Review & Giveaway~Ends April 19ENDED

Schleich sent my daughter some of thier awesome farm animals for review! The Standing Rabbit, The Grooming Rabbit, A Dwarf Bunny lyeing down, Grey Goose Chicks, A Gray Goose, Gray Goose Gander, The Lying Lamb, the Standing Lamb, and thier new coffee table book called “Anywhere’s a Playground”! My daughter loves playing with every one of these little animals! Her favorites are the two bunnies! The animals are fun toys, what kid doesn't like animals!? And with Easter right around the corner, these were the perfect fit! The "Anywhere's A Playground" book givesdetails about each animals life, what they like to do, what they like to eat, ect. ect., you can also see all the different kinds of animals and sets they have!

has aggreed to give one set of each animal I reviewed, along with the "Anywhere's a Playground" book, to one lucky reader!

TO ENTER, tell me one, or a few of your fav. sets or toys by Schleich!


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hard Candy Review

First, Hard Candy
sent me a Kal-eye-descope - Baked Eyeshadow Duo! The one I got is called "Backstage Pass', It's a dark blue, and a medium gold! (with SPARKLES!) I love this eyeshadow! It comes in the cutest little contained, and I absolutly LOVE the half-round shape! I've been using this eyeshadow for the past few days, first I put the blue on, on my eye lids, then, I put the goldish color on the rest, up to my eye brow! I've also tried using each color seperately, just the blue, or just the gold, and they look awesome! I love it! I might try putting the blue on next, and putting the gold over the blue!

Next, Hard Candy sent me a Ginormous Lash-Volumizing Mascara! In the shade: "Dime"! As thier website says, fatten your flutter with this lash plumping formuula! And I think that describes it perfectly! Besides the volumizing formula, the brush itself it larger then normal mascara's, and this one has slightly tapered edges that reach from root to tip! My daughter calls this mascara "Phsychadelic" (whoever you spell that!) because it "trips you out"...in other words, it gives you a better appearance! This mascara easily shows how long your lashes really are!

All Hard Candy Items are sold at Wal Mart! And personally, Hard Candy is my personal fav. makeup brand! 1. It's cheap, 2. It's sparkly, 3. They DON'T TEST ON ANIMALS, 4. It's sold at Wal mart, where I go almost everyday, and 5. who doesn't love that name!?!?!?

Hard Candy has lots of different things in the make up/beauty department!

Another personal favorite of mine is the nail polish! Hard Candy also sells body glitter, skin luminizer, concealer, blush, lip gloss, glitter adhesive (which I totally want!), glitter body spray, and even tattoo art! And tons more, MAKE SURE you check out www.hardcandy.com and check it out at your local Wal Mart!

Sassafrass Paint Your Own Birdhouse Review & Giveaway~Ends April 16ENDED

sent me a paint your own birdhouse to review, and has offered one to give away to one reader! Here is the birdhouse! It's only $9.95 on thier website! The birdhouse came with a paintbrush, and 4 paints, blue, green, yellow, and red! The bird house has a string on the top, so you can tie it onto something outside! There is two entry holes, and the birdhouse comes with stencils to cut out and use too! If you want. I think this was a great activity for me and my daughter to do, we love doing crafts together, while her Daddy likes to play ball and go fishing and more boy~ish things with her. This birdhouse is not just for girls, it's a fun activity any parent can do with thier children!

Sassafrass has offered to give one reader a birdhouse of thier own to paint and use!
To Enter, tell me your fav. item from thier website!


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