Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clif Kids Snacks Review & Giveaway! Ends March 19CLOSED

Today, I received a box full of Clif Kids Fruit Snacks! They also sent one of each flavor too! Including, Grape, Mixed Berry, Pineapple, Sour Apple, Tropical Twist, and Strawberry! So far, we've tried the Strawberry, and the mixed fruit! My daughter, Rachel, loves them! She's been asking for more all day, BUT, I've been looking for something she will eat for breakfast (before school), and I'm hoping these will do the trick! These are kinda like Twizzlers! Just a little fatter! (which is better!) These bars are Gluten-Free! They are full of health! They have an excellent source of VITAMIN C! These bars were designed for kids on the go! Whose Moms were worried about thier kids getting thier nutrition while playing, so, they made these fruit snacks! Personally, I think these are better then Twizzlers, much fatter, which is so much better, more flavor, and more flavors!

Clif Kids is giving away one case of your choice of flavor to one lucky reader!

TO ENTER, just go to thier website, come back here, and tell me your favorite flavor (the one you'd pick if you win!)


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Happy Blankie~Review!

Today we got a cute little blanket, that was super soft, and has silk on the back, and a very soft teddy bear on front, in the mail! With thier business card, Happy Blankie sent a "rainbow lollipop" which my daughter had a total FIT over! The story is, a boy named David Holdridge wanted to combine the two things his little sister loved the most, her teddy bear, and her blanket! And that is exactly what they did! I think this is the ~perfect~ security blanket! It's super cute, and totally soft! Happy Blankie is helping comfort kids all over the world! Every time a Happy Blankie is purchased, another one is given to a child in a hospital, orphanage, or distressed situation around the world! This is part of thier awesome program called One to love, One to give!

I think, even if you don't want a Happy Blankie (which I honestly don't know WHY you wouldn't!), then you s hould buy a Happy Blankie to give as a gift, and another one will be donated to a child in need! Obviously, these blankets will bring a huge smile to any child's face! My daughter absolutely LOVE her Happy Blankie! And the "rainbow lollipop" shows they truely care!
Thank you Happy Blankie for the awesome opprotunity to review your blankets!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Novica.com Review & $35 Gift Card Giveaway~Ends March 12CLOSED

Novica.com sent me 2 $35 Gift Codes, I used one on Sterling silver cross earrings, 'Blooms and Crosses', and the other one is to giveaway! Wararat Supasirisuk designed these beautiful earrings! These earrings are $43.95, but are on sale right now, for only $25.16, plus $2.99 shipping! So make sure you get your order in for these awesome earrings while they're on sale!
Novica.com has lots of nice things on thier site! Including home decor, Apparel & Accessories, Paintings, Art, Gifts, and tons more! This is obviously an adult website (not for kids). The *only* thing I can see Novica.com might wanna add to thier website in the future, is a kids section! But for the moms, or women in your life, you're good to go!

To Enter to win a Novica.com $35 Gift Code, just tell me your favorite item from novica.com!


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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tea Collection Review & $50 GC giveaway~Ends March 8CLOSED

Tea Collection sent me a few pieces from thier new Spring Collection! A shirt for my daughter, and these purple leggings! the tile work and stained glass top is the artwork of Luis Montaner's Palau de la Musica! It is machine washable and 100% cotton! You can buy this dress for $39.00 on the tea collection's website! The purple leggings are made from thier new lightweight cotton jersey fabric for a modern, soft, airy feel and awesome stretchability. Together, I think these 2 pieces are very cute on my daughter! The Tea Collection has stylish clothes for Boys, Girls, Babys, Women, and gift items too! My favorite item from thier clothing line is this Jardin Ruffle Twirling Dress!

The Tea Collection is giving away a $50 Gift Card to one lucky reader!
To Enter, head over to the tea collection and tell me your favorite(s)!


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