Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Blankie~Review!

Today we got a cute little blanket, that was super soft, and has silk on the back, and a very soft teddy bear on front, in the mail! With thier business card, Happy Blankie sent a "rainbow lollipop" which my daughter had a total FIT over! The story is, a boy named David Holdridge wanted to combine the two things his little sister loved the most, her teddy bear, and her blanket! And that is exactly what they did! I think this is the ~perfect~ security blanket! It's super cute, and totally soft! Happy Blankie is helping comfort kids all over the world! Every time a Happy Blankie is purchased, another one is given to a child in a hospital, orphanage, or distressed situation around the world! This is part of thier awesome program called One to love, One to give!

I think, even if you don't want a Happy Blankie (which I honestly don't know WHY you wouldn't!), then you s hould buy a Happy Blankie to give as a gift, and another one will be donated to a child in need! Obviously, these blankets will bring a huge smile to any child's face! My daughter absolutely LOVE her Happy Blankie! And the "rainbow lollipop" shows they truely care!
Thank you Happy Blankie for the awesome opprotunity to review your blankets!!

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