Friday, November 26, 2010


I wanted to make sure the winner received these lights by Christmas, so I had to push up this giveaway!
I received a 50 strand set of multi-colored Christmas lights today! I love them! First, using these solar powered lights saves energy, which saves the environment, which saves you money! These solar powered multicolored Christmas lights have 50 bulbs in red, green, yellow, blue, and white. The string is a total of 22 feet long, 16 feet of lights, and 6 feet of lead wire to place your solar panel in the most optimal position!
No need to run electrical extension cords to light up your yard! These lights automatically turn on at dark. The lights will light for 8 hours on a full charge. The solar power comes with it’s own solar panel. They use one rechargeable AA battery which is included! Ground Stake is included! This company is great to work with! They have very fast shipping! These lights are actually alot brighter then regular lights! Not needing to turn the lights On/Off is awesome! Saves physical energy too!! :-D

The company is offering one set of 50 lights!TO ENTER:

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I got 2 sets of 50 cupcake wrappers from Sutton Gourmet Paper!
One 50 pack is this red and white design, and one 50 pack is a sample pack of all thier awesome designs! Check out all thier designs here!
I got the Damask Red and White, Damask Black/White, Harlequin - Red/White, Harlequin - Pink/Green (personal fave), Scroll - Turquoise/Red, Scroll - Turquoise/Chocolate, Zebra - Hot Pink/White, and Zebra - Chocolate/White!
The Damask Red/White is thier first design! Vintage, elegant, and can be used for almost anything. Perfect for tea parties or cocktail night with the girls. This design, like that little black dress, never goes out of style! With Christmas approaching, these would also make nice Holiday cupcake wrappers!
I love the little containers the cupcake wrappers came in! Cute! Sutton Gourmet Paper researched for years before finding the perfect quality paper to use for thier wrsppers! All thier wrappers are colorful, grease-free and look beautiful using only one liner … even with a chocolate cake recipe!

Sutton Gourmet Paper is offering one set of 50 cupcake wrappers!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eden Fantasys Review & Giveaway~Ends Dec. 21

Whether solo and in your hands or in the hands of your partner, the Tantra Feather Teaser aims to please and does just that with ease! It is beautiful and amazingly constructed. The metal weight gives this teaser a unique feel and the two different types of feathers tease wonderfully. Mine came in a bright purple, that's the color I definitly would've chosen! The feathers are tightly fastened, so they will not come out easily! My daughter has been tickling her my little pony's backs with it, and no feathers have come out!

Don't forget to check out this Adult Shop!
www.edenfantasys.com offers a large variety of things. They have awesome lingerie and costumes, sex toys, sex toy accessories, sex games, toys for males, and females. Adult DVD/Videos, books, party favors, and tons more!!
Check out there website for more! At www.edenfantasys.com

Eden Fantasys is giving away the same products I received!
To Enter, just leave your email address!!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Gallery Collection~Review!

The Gallery Collection let me pick out 25 Christmas Cards from thier website! I picked the Design 217CW
Sparkling Evergreen Merry Christmas Card, by Melissa Gordon to review! This Christmas tree glistens with snow and gold trimmings, as golden snowflakes fall softly all around. Your company will surely make a lasting impression on employees, clients and business associates by sending this lovely holiday card! Here's what I have to say about the cards; WOW!! I absolutely LOVE these cards! They are not just cheaply made Christmas cards like most cards are, but this company actually takes time to make these cards perfect, so people will like thier quality, not quantity or price! The envelopes contain a golden seal, and they each have thier own self-adhesive strip to peel off before sealing! The paper quality is very good, It's really thick! The card itself, is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! They even let me write my own personalized message on them! "THE PRUITT'S" and under that it said "JOHN, MELISSA, RACHEL, AND SNICKERS" The writing is in gold ink! Very professional! If you want to, you can just buy a gold pen and write your own words! Make sure you browse thier selection of Holiday Cards here! They have Holiday Cards, Birthday cards, wedding cards, thank you notes, and every other occassion you can think of! Card Size: 5-1/2" x 7-7/8".

Monday, November 22, 2010

Premier Review & Giveaway~Ends December 21ENDED

Today I received an adorable kitty cat flower bed, a skunk Wild Thangs squeaky toy, and a coupler leash for our 2 dogs from Premier! First, I'm going to tell you about the coupler leash I received! This is an awesome idea! We have 2 dogs, 2 leashes, and one of the leashes is always M.I.A.! Now, we can take both dogs out together! I love it! Coupler leashes come in Black, Deep purple, Fawn, Green, Red, and Royal Blue! I went with the royal blue since one of our dogs is a male, and one's a female! Tired of getting tangled up in leashes? Try a coupler. The adjustable coupler fits any two dogs; simply adjust the length of nylon to suit. The coupler's are only $8.00-$10.00! Make sure you check out these awesome couplers!

Next, I'm going to tell you about the Wild Thangs! We received a skunk! And my shitzu has not stopped playing with it since he got it! These toys are very soft, but sturdy, I love how well-made they are! So they can't be easily torn or ripped like all his other toys are! Wild Thangs come in Squirrels, Fox's, Racoons, Skunks, and Rabbits! Be sure to check them out here! Only $11.00 each!

And last, but definitly not least, the flower cat bed!
It is gorgeous! I love it! It is 100% well-made! It looks very comfortable! It is very fluffy! What cat wouldn't love this bed!? Of course this one is pink, and is called "Flower Power", because It's full of beautiful flowers! The Catnapzzzz Cloud Beds feature cup-shaped poly-filled bolsters and a center pillow to provide the cushiony comfort and security cats crave. Machine washable and dryer safe! Beds come in Flower Power/Pink, Light Green/Dark Green, and Mosiac fish/Blue!
Beds are $36.00!
Be sure to check out the premier store for all kinds of things pets need and want!

Premier is giving away one of each of the items I reviewed!
tell me your fav' item at thier website!

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