Friday, April 15, 2011


Vitalicious sent me a Super Sampler box to review! They have delicious 100 calorie gourmet snacks! They have Vitatops, Vitamuffins, Vitabrownies, Vitamix, Vitacake, Vitacoffee, and more! My personal favorite is the Deep Chocolate VitaTops! You no longer need to settle for smaller portions. Our 2 oz. Deep Chocolate VitaTops are more filling, nutritious & deliciously satisfying. Get the most out of every calorie. This pack contains 12 - All Natural 2 oz. Deep Chocolate Kosher VitaTops with real cocoa, chocolate chips, whole wheat & organic sugar. Each muffin top contains 100 calories, 1.5g fat, 9g fiber & 4g protein. contains no artificial additives or preservatives! Vitatops come in so many delicious flavors! Including, double chocolate chunk, chocolate mint, pumpkin spice, apple crumb, fudgy peanut butter chip, bananna nut, sugar-fee velvery chocolate, and Raisen Bran! Vitatops are definitly big ebnough to share, and the chocolate chunk, is SO rich and chocolatey, It's like my mouth died and went to heaven!! They are the perfect size for the toaster, and they taste great warm! All it takes to walk off the 80-100 Calorie 2oz Vitamuffin or Vitatop is 13-15 minutes. Honestly, I love Vitalicious! They are healthy, and SO tasty! I highly suggest everybody go out and get some Vitalicious products today!!!!

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