Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paw Pets Review

I was very excited when Paw Pets E-Mailed me about a month ago asking me to do a product review! Of course I immediately said yes!! I love to get new stuff for my puppers! My daughter likes it too! I love that the bottom jaw of Crocobob, the one that we got, has a squeaker in it! My dog really loves that too! I love it that it's like a puppet, for a dog! You can interact with your dog! Paw Pets can be used for training in a non-agressive ways too! By using the Paw Pets you have a tool to teach better behavior. Many commands can be taught with the help of the Paw Pet. I am trying to teach my puppy not to bite hands! He can bite the Paw Pet, but knows not to bite hands! The Paw Pet can be used with or without a person holding it. Snickers, My puppy, likes playing with it either way! It;s fun to watch him try to pick it up and carry it!

My dog likes to keep his paws on the Paw Pet so nobody can steal him from him!!

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